Prayer for Bishop Barber as he begins the process of choosing our new Pastor

[Temporary] Prayer for Our New Pastor

Beautiful icon of Mary Magdalen. She is wearing a blue robe around a yellow-gold top that has beautiful red embroidery at the top. She is holding a large red Easter Egg in her right hand, and carrying a decorated red vessel (about the same size as the large egg), presumably containing myrrh. Her hair is in gold braids that come down past her shoulders, and are partially visible underneath her white headdress with blue and white stripes.

Saint Mary Magdalen – Icon painted by Валентина Киклевич in 2015.

Heavenly Father, eternal shepherd,
You govern your flock with unfailing care.
May the Holy Spirit, we pray,
guide Bishop Michael and all who assist him
in choosing the next pastor
of our beloved St. Mary Magdalen Parish.

Give us hearts filled with gratitude
as we prepare to say “goodbye” to our Dominican friars.
Comfort us in our sorrow and assuage our uncertainty.
Help us to warmly welcome our new pastor
and to be open to the blessings you have in store for us,
which are beyond all we can ask for or imagine.

We make our prayer through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.


V:  Mary, Seat of Wisdom.     R: Pray for us!
V:  St. Francis de Sales.        R: Pray for us!
V: St. Mary Magdalen.           R: Pray for us!






[As of the weekend of January 28/29, 2017, this prayer is currently being recited at the end of every Mass.
The Transition Team will develop a new set of prayers throughout the transition process.]