Rectory Advent & Christmas List

Thank you everyone for caring enough to ask and participating in the giving.

When reading the Advent and Christmas List, please note that some items are service projects while other items can be purchased.  Service projects,  include such tasks as rebuilding the Pergola, painting the ceiling in the Dining and Living Rooms, removing wall paper and painting the walls. While purchased items range from cloth napkins, tablecloths, place settings of china and glasses, to a moveable bar.   If any items seem overwhelming, consider teaming up to make a purchase or provide a service.

The Advent and Christmas List can be found here.

A list of service projects can be found here, for those that are handy.

Gift registries have been set up at Crate & Barrel, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and Search for First Name “Mary Magdalen” Last Name “Parish”,  or click on the links below to find the  list at each vendor.  Each list has a link to the Gift Registry for that retailer.

Crate & Barrel

Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Fr. Nick said that if you have gently used comparable items, and you would like to gift it to the Parish, please contact Norah Hippolyte or Cat Nielsen at the office with the information.

Thank you once again.