Refugee Aid Committee

The Refugee Aid Committee primarily works with refugees living at (or recently moved from) Casa Francisca in Oakland. We meet on the Friday after the second Wednesday of the month. Casa Francisca is a temporary stop–usually for 18 months or less–mostly for mothers and children, as well as young people who have just arrived here and who have no other family here.  Casa Francisca is a homey place, where residents share meals and chores. It provides a base for new refugees until they can find more permanent accommodations. Most of the guests return to visit and reconnect with each other after they move on, and so Casa Francisca also acts as a community center.

For Lent, the Parish and School communities committed to filling eight boxes for recently-arrived refugees being resettled through the Oakland office of the IRC (International Rescue Committee).  Our “Giving Tree for Refugees” (a joint partnership with the school), was an incredible success: our goal was to fill four welcome boxes, and we filled 16, with 32 boxes of “odds-and-ends” left over that were delivered to residents of Casa Francisca and other refugee houses.

Refugee Aid Committee – Spring 2017

More recently we have been working through Catholic Charities. During the summer we collected clothing for a refugee family of eight recently arrived from the Congo, and in August we donated furniture to another refugee family from Afghanistan.

For more information, please leave a message for Ann Fitzgerald at the Parish Office, or just show up for a meeting. We meet in the Parish Rectory Conference Room at 4:00 pm on the Friday that follows the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Our next meeting will take place on January 12.